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"Eleuthera, the other Bahamas"

Cupid’s Cay, directly adjacent to Governor’s Harbour, is actually the birthplace of the Bahamas (1648). Over 350 years ago, a small band of English pilgrims known as the Eleutheran Adventurers set sail from Bermuda seeking religious freedom, warmer climates and, to establish new lands. Several weeks later they shipwrecked on the reefs near Preacher’s Cave on North Eleuthera (the uninhabited Arawak Island of Cigatoo). After several months, the Eleutheran Adventurers worked their way to Cupid’s Cay. It was here that the thankful survivors renamed the island “Eleuthera”.

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Today Eleuthera's close proximity to the southeastern United States, combined with its unbridled beauty, make it the exclusive haven for so many. Eleuthera is now quietly being rediscovered.

Governor's Harbour
The capital of Eleuthera and the oldest settlement in the Bahamas, Governor' s Harbour sits atop a high ridge that gently slopes toward a sheltered harbor. Victorian houses near the harbour recall the town's Loyalist heritage. Cupid's Cay and the settlement of Governor's Harbour, both located near the center of Eleuthera, side by side, are the oldest settlements in all the Bahamas. It is here that you will find incredible heritage homes over 150 years old, a small two cell jail over 125 years old, the site of the first Bahamian Parliament in 1746, the site of the first US Consulate General in July 1789, the restored Haynes Library from 1897, and the historic Methodist Church and St. Patrick's Anglican Church, both believed to be at least 170 years old.

Harbour Island
Affectionately called "Briland" by it's residents. Say "Harbour Island" many times over and you'll pick up the word "briland". On Harbour Island, off the north coast of Eleuthera (five minute water taxi ride), is Dunmore Town, one of the oldest and most charming of settlements, complete with white picket fences. While you are here, visit the Hill Steps, which were cut out by prisoners, with an underground tunnel leading from the cove to Rock House, a nearby resort. On Harbour Island, you'll see 18th century buildings restored in a Bahamian brigadoon setting. Also on Harbour Island is Titus Hole, a cave with an open mouth that overlooks the harbour and is said to be the first jail of Harbour Island. This three-mile long island can be explored by horse & carriage, bike or golf cart. Harbor Island's nightlife is vibrant and accommodations range from cozy, family run guesthouses to elegant resorts. Your trip will not be complete without visiting Sip-Sip for lunch.

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Spanish Wells
A short ferry ride from North Eleuthera, Spanish Wells, aptly named, is where sailors came ashore from Spanish galleons to fill their casks with fresh water after long sea voyages. Spanish Wells is a quaint village where fortunes are made in craw fishing. The people of this prosperous fishing village, renowned for their seamanship, have deep ancestral roots. They are direct descendants of the original Eleutheran Adventurers and British Loyalists. There is excellent fishing and diving available, even a sunken train wreck for those seeking the exotic. Preacher's Cave, near Spanish Wells, is a subterranean cave in which the Eleutheran Adventurers, the happy few pilgrims who first landed here then split up, took refuge and held religious services upon their arrival. Easy to find, just ask anyone. The people of Eleuthera are without question, some of the most polite and friendliest in all the Islands.

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Don't worry about what or where to eat on Eleuthera, and especially, Governor's Harbour. Fresh fish such as native groupers, stone crabs, lobster and conch is plentiful and sold at the various docks and harbor's throughout Eleuthera.


Providence, winter temperatures seldom fall much below 60°F and usually reach about 75°F during the afternoon. In the summer temperatures usually fall to 78°F or less at night and seldom rise above 90°F during the day. Sea surface temperatures normally vary between 74°F in February and 83°F in August. Humidity is fairly high, especially in the summer months.

There are more than seven hours of bright sunshine per day in Nassau on average, though periods of a day or two of cloudy weather can occur at any time of year. The length of day (the interval between sunrise and sunset) varies from 10 hours and 35 minutes in late December to 13 hours and 41 minutes in late June.

Rain showers occur any time of the year, but the rainy months are May to October. Rainfall is mainly in the form of heavy showers or thunder showers, which clear quickly.

The weather right now in the Bahamas is as follows:



"Eleuthera" Greek for freedom


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